GBGames Will Forever Be Known As

Today’s market is incredibly competitive. With so many platforms and environments, there are multiple alternatives for customers to choose from.

It’s no longer possible to stand out by blogging about the struggle to be an indie game developer. With social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus, and blogging platforms such as WordPress, . . . → Read More: GBGames Will Forever Be Known As

GDC 2015 Starts Today

Four years ago, I attended my first and only Game Developers Conference.

While many people find the conference overrated or a pain to travel to, I miss the energy of so many game developers in one place, sharing their passion and experience with each other.

I miss the Independent Games Summit and the . . . → Read More: GDC 2015 Starts Today

GOG Galaxy: The DRM-Free Online Gaming Platform

I haven’t been following much of the news, but apparently GOG has an optional client to use that will automatically update your games and allow you to play online with friends.

They call it GOG Galaxy:

I found out about it because I just got an email offering me a free copy of . . . → Read More: GOG Galaxy: The DRM-Free Online Gaming Platform

RIP Saturday Morning Cartoons

This past week, there has been talk about how the Saturday Morning Cartoon is dead. See NPR’s sendoff at ‘That’s All Folks:’ Saturday Morning Cartoons Bid Farewell. Last weekend was the first time in 50 years in which there wasn’t a block of cartoons broadcast on television.

While cartoons were used to sell sugary . . . → Read More: RIP Saturday Morning Cartoons

Controversy over 2nd Mighty No. 9 Funding Campaign?

Last year, comcept USA, LLC raised over $4 million for their 2D platforming game Mighty No. 9. Over 60,000 backers plus whoever contributed through PayPal are looking forward to this Mega Man-inspired project to get completed, and the development team has been periodically releasing their work to show how much progress has been made, . . . → Read More: Controversy over 2nd Mighty No. 9 Funding Campaign?

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