GOG.com Finally to Offer Linux-based Games

Some of the big news this past week was that GOG.com games will soon be available for GNU/Linux. At least 100 of them by fall of this year, in fact.

No specific games are announced, but it seems after all of these years of dismissing what has been the biggest demand by their community, . . . → Read More: GOG.com Finally to Offer Linux-based Games

November #1GAM Entry: Raking Leaves

November’s One Game a Month entry is uncreatively-named Raking Leaves, a leaf raking simulator chock full of leaf-raking action!

Download Raking Leaves for Linux 64-bit (1.2 MB tar.gz file)

The object of the game is to rake all of the leaves into a single pile. The wind will blow the leaves around, however, and if . . . → Read More: November #1GAM Entry: Raking Leaves

October #1GAM Entry: Candypreneur

October’s One Game a Month entry is Candypreneur, a candy tycoon game inspired by the classic Apple II game Lemonade Stand.

Download Candypreneur for Linux 64-bit (432 kb tar.gz file)

I wish I had dedicated more time to this project. I had surgery and wasn’t able to work on it while I recuperated, and when . . . → Read More: October #1GAM Entry: Candypreneur

September #1GAM Entry: Hextrap

September’s One Game a Month entry is a clone of the NES game Yoshi.

Download Hextrap for Linux 64-bit (410 kb tar.gz file)

I’ve never made a falling block puzzle game before. I had more ambitious plans, but with ISVCon 2013 taking up a lot of my time, I ended up doing most of . . . → Read More: September #1GAM Entry: Hextrap

September #1GAM: A Puzzle Game

For September’s One Game a Month project, I wanted to try to use the optional theme: hexagons.

I toyed with the idea of making a turn-based strategy game involving a hex map, but more and more I liked the idea of a hexagon-based puzzle game.

Long ago, I thought of a game involving hexagons that . . . → Read More: September #1GAM: A Puzzle Game

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