Learning Game Software Architecture

Note: I wrote a significant amount of this post in 2011, back when I was actively working on Stop That Hero!, and enough still resonates today that I decided to publish it.

It’s only in the last few years that I’ve started to appreciate the importance of software architecture, and especially as I write the . . . → Read More: Learning Game Software Architecture

Is There Creativity in Programming?

A colleague of mine was complaining about pair programming. He said one of the problems was that it restricted his coding creativity when he had to argue or discuss what he wants to do with someone else.

I was reminded of a forum post I made many years ago in which I similarly . . . → Read More: Is There Creativity in Programming?

Converting from UnitTest++ to Google Test

In 2008, I wrote Test-Driven Game Development, which was more about being reintroduced to Test-Driven Development (TDD) and asking if other game developers use it regularly.

Around the time, Noel Llopis had written a survey of C++ unit test frameworks, and eventually co-wrote UnitTest++ as none of the existing frameworks were sufficient for . . . → Read More: Converting from UnitTest++ to Google Test

Live-action Glitchiness

I saw this amusing and well-done video about a glitch going out of control in the video game world today, so I thought I’d share. I think Alex Meyers would enjoy it in particular.

Do not watch if you are a kid or if it is too early in the morning to process the . . . → Read More: Live-action Glitchiness

Shipping Beats Perfection

Ben Kamens is the lead dev of Khan Academy, the incredible free resource for education, recently explained “shipping beats perfection”, one of the organization’s development principles. It’s good reading, plus has pictures of a smiling dog, so you should go read it.

From their principles page:

Scope features down to their core before getting . . . → Read More: Shipping Beats Perfection

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