What Games Teach Us About Relationships

The stereotype about video games is that they are played by loners, isolated in a basement somewhere.

It’s one person playing on a computer or a console, interacting with a machine instead of people.

And when you think about games such as Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, and the like, even if they allow multi-player, . . . → Read More: What Games Teach Us About Relationships

Learning New Old Games

Last night, my wife taught me a card game she played with her grandmother earlier that day.

Hand and Foot is a Rummy game similar to Canasta, but it apparently has no standard rules. It was hard for us to look up what is allowed in certain situations. For instance, I was at . . . → Read More: Learning New Old Games

We Own Our Art #GDC15

Nathan Vella, host of the 2015 Independent Games Festival, closed out the awards show with a plea to the better side of everyone:

This past year has exposed a lot of hatred and some significant unpleasantness in our industry. As of tonight, there continues to be women, people of color, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, . . . → Read More: We Own Our Art #GDC15

GDC 2015 Starts Today

Four years ago, I attended my first and only Game Developers Conference.

While many people find the conference overrated or a pain to travel to, I miss the energy of so many game developers in one place, sharing their passion and experience with each other.

I miss the Independent Games Summit and the . . . → Read More: GDC 2015 Starts Today

I Just Wanted to Play a Game with my Friends

As someone with a full-time job and trying to work on a business on the side, I find that I don’t play as many games as a game developer probably should. Most of the games I have access to are many, many years old, so I’m a bit out of touch with the latest offerings . . . → Read More: I Just Wanted to Play a Game with my Friends

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