Can Games Address the Vocabulary Gap?

I didn’t know that vocabulary is hugely important in someone’s development. Children from poorer families tend to know fewer words than children from wealthier families.

And according to the 1995 study by Betty Hart and Todd R. Risly called The Early Catastrophe: The 30 Million Word Gap, it’s an enormous difference that would take . . . → Read More: Can Games Address the Vocabulary Gap?

What Games Teach Us About Relationships

The stereotype about video games is that they are played by loners, isolated in a basement somewhere.

It’s one person playing on a computer or a console, interacting with a machine instead of people.

And when you think about games such as Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, and the like, even if they allow multi-player, . . . → Read More: What Games Teach Us About Relationships

Learning New Old Games

Last night, my wife taught me a card game she played with her grandmother earlier that day.

Hand and Foot is a Rummy game similar to Canasta, but it apparently has no standard rules. It was hard for us to look up what is allowed in certain situations. For instance, I was at . . . → Read More: Learning New Old Games

We Own Our Art #GDC15

Nathan Vella, host of the 2015 Independent Games Festival, closed out the awards show with a plea to the better side of everyone:

This past year has exposed a lot of hatred and some significant unpleasantness in our industry. As of tonight, there continues to be women, people of color, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, . . . → Read More: We Own Our Art #GDC15

GDC 2015 Starts Today

Four years ago, I attended my first and only Game Developers Conference.

While many people find the conference overrated or a pain to travel to, I miss the energy of so many game developers in one place, sharing their passion and experience with each other.

I miss the Independent Games Summit and the . . . → Read More: GDC 2015 Starts Today

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