What Games Teach Us About Relationships

The stereotype about video games is that they are played by loners, isolated in a basement somewhere.

It’s one person playing on a computer or a console, interacting with a machine instead of people.

And when you think about games such as Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, and the like, even if they allow multi-player, . . . → Read More: What Games Teach Us About Relationships

Learning New Old Games

Last night, my wife taught me a card game she played with her grandmother earlier that day.

Hand and Foot is a Rummy game similar to Canasta, but it apparently has no standard rules. It was hard for us to look up what is allowed in certain situations. For instance, I was at . . . → Read More: Learning New Old Games

LD#32: A Giant Weapon Development Time Lapse #LDJam

I created a time lapse video of my development of “A Giant Weapon”:

Once again, you can find the game, albeit incomplete, at http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-32/?action=preview&uid=251.

LD32: Submitted but Disappointed #LDJam

When I started this weekend, I thought, “I’m going to make a complete game that’s enjoyable to play.” I wanted the Button Masher Bros to play my game and enjoy themselves.

Towards the end of the deadline, I was thinking, “I might be able to get the bare minimum of something that could be called . . . → Read More: LD32: Submitted but Disappointed #LDJam

LD32: I’m 12 Hours Behind Schedule and Have Bugs #LDJam

I wanted to have something playable or at least controllable within 12 hours. I did it within 25.

You can now click on the ground, and the soldier will move assign itself the goal of moving towards that point.

The monster is still just placeholder art with basic AI.

There are bugs, . . . → Read More: LD32: I’m 12 Hours Behind Schedule and Have Bugs #LDJam

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