What Do Your Game Designs Say On Your Behalf?

It’s easy to see someone’s writing as representative of his/her views. The words are right there expressing ideas in a very direct way.

Similarly, a movie can have a certain message buried in it. Sometimes the message is a bit more obvious because it hits you over the head.

Games are no different. The . . . → Read More: What Do Your Game Designs Say On Your Behalf?

Dealing with Game Designer’s Block

You’re working on your game, and you are struggling to get it to come together.

Maybe it’s taking a long time to implement. Maybe you are in the middle of a large project and you’re getting sick of it. Maybe partway through you realize you haven’t even decided what experience you’re aiming for yet.

. . . → Read More: Dealing with Game Designer’s Block

Valuable Books on Game Design

Earlier this month, I watched a 2013 recording of a game design talk by Lost Garden’s Daniel Cook, Game Design Theory I Wish I had Known When I Started:

The slides don’t actually seem to exist anywhere, by the way.

It’s a great presentation, and he goes very high level, leaving the details of . . . → Read More: Valuable Books on Game Design

How to Find Indies in Iowa

When I started out as an indie game developer, I found a home on the Internet. It was a set of forums dedicated not just to game development but also to making a living from it.

And while daily online communication, or maybe just procrastination, was helpful, it was nothing compared to the monthly . . . → Read More: How to Find Indies in Iowa

Probability for Game Designers

On Twitter, Chevy Ray complained about the use over simplifying terms in math that end up confusing him, and Sven Bergström provided a link to a useful resource.

@ChevyRay I found this recently along the topic http://t.co/28uH9z0O55

— Sven Bergström (@___discovery) July 13, 2015

Thanks, Sven!

Probability for Game Designers . . . → Read More: Probability for Game Designers

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