LD#15: Mineral Miner Post-mortem

Ludum Dare #15 is over, and I already wrote that the results are in. Aside from placing well in Community, which shows how much I love participating in LD48, I also saw my overall ranking come in at around the 40 percentile. I was ranked #63, which sounds good, but there were a number . . . → Read More: LD#15: Mineral Miner Post-mortem

LD#15 Results Are In!

It’s 2 weeks later, and Ludum Dare #15 is officially over. The results are in, and I placed 5th…in the Community category. Unfortunately there was no food category this time around, or I could have gotten the gold in that one. B-)

Seriously, congratulations to the makers of the top ten overall entries! The #1 . . . → Read More: LD#15 Results Are In!

LD#15: Mineral Miner for Windows

If you Windows users were waiting patiently for a version of the game you could play, check out my final entry post. I’ve uploaded a Windows version of Mineral Miner. Just unzip and run caverngame.exe. Make sure to read the instructions first, since I didn’t get a chance to add it in-game:

Controls: Use the . . . → Read More: LD#15: Mineral Miner for Windows

LD#15: My Time Lapse

LD#15: Mineral Miner – Final Entry

I did it! I submitted my entry just in time for the end of the competition, too! And it is the first time since LD#11 that I’ve submitted a game with audio, no matter how jarring!

You can download the GNU/Linux version here: Mineral Miner for GNU/Linux: 1.2MB

I’ll try to have a Windows . . . → Read More: LD#15: Mineral Miner – Final Entry

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